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1- How indoor outdoor Tv antennas work

TV antennas pick up whatever signal is available in your area, some antennas work better than others depend your location.

Before you buy a TV antenna is a good idea to do some research first to avoid disappointments http://www.fcc.gov/mb/engineering/maps after you done your research you can determine which type of antenna to get indoor or outdoor if you live in a city in most cases an indoor power amplified antenna will work  if you live in a rural area lets say over 50 miles away from the stations you will most likely need a long range power amplified outdoor Tv antenna.

Outdoor antennas works much better than indoor antenna specially in rural areas due to the fact that they mount outside which allows them to pick up better reception.

When istalling a outdoor antenna consider a few tips.

1-If the reception is okay you do not need to put it too high.
2-If where you live the reception is weak you need to put it as high as possible until you are able to receive good reception.
3- Secure the antenna properly.
4-Aim the antenna towards the stations to pick up the best reception.
5-After installing the antenna for the first time run the channel search on your TV or converter box.

2- How to Watch Free DTV HDTV off The Air



Okay you been wondering how can I watch digital TV and not pay cable or satellite anymore.

 Nowadays is easier than you think, since the transition from analog to digital watching TV is easier and better.

All you need is either a new TV with digital tuner or digital converter box an indoor TV antenna OR outdoor TV antenna to get even better reception in most case you can get over 30 digital and some HDTV channels off the air, reception may vary from one location to another.


If you have an analog TV you need to get a digital converter box and also either an indoor or outdoor TV antenna.

The picture quality off the air is a lot more better than what you get with cable or satellite.

Before you decided to make the change from cable or satellite to Free digital TV off the air do a little research to make sure where you live there is TV signal off the air available so you will know for a fact a TV antenna will work.


*We want you to make an informed purchase, Please check the link below to make sure there is TV signal off the air available in your area before buying any TV antenna.
Please visit http://transition.fcc.gov/mb/engineering/maps/ to view channels available in your area.

If after checking the link above are you still have question please email us.


Things you should know about digital TV off the air.

  1. Digital Signal off the air is free
  2. Quality is buch better than what you get from cable or satellite.
  3. Is available in most area
  4. You can get it using a digital tv or converter box a long with a indoor or outdoor antenna
  5. You can save because is free.