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How To Connect iview Digital Converter Box

This page is about showing people how to connect a  Iview converter box to a TV.


The iview digial converter box is a simple to use converter box follow the steps below:


Most converter boxes have only RF And RCA type connections, the iview 3500STB and the 3500STBII have extra connections but at the end they all connect the same way.

To connect a digital converter box to your TV follow the easy steps below:


  1.  First Connect  the indoor or outdoor antenna coaxial cable to the back of the converter box where is marked Ant in as shown in the picture below
  2. From the converter output  connect another cable to your TV


3. Set your TV to channel 3

4. With the converter box remote control program the converter box.

5. Select Menu and go to channel search



6. After doing the channel search the system should be setup and you should now be able to watch whatever channels available in your area


If you would like to know how to Record/Schedule a program:

1.Insert a USB Thumb Drive ( The bigger the GB, the longer the record)

2. Make sure you're timezone is set to your time to get the correct Recording time set.

3. Make sure you select the EPG Button to view the schedule programing

4. Select either time you wish to record and hit, OK.

5. Next, make sure you are in the correct channel and date and make sure you select the time from which you want to begin to when you want to end. You can either Repeat Once,Daily, or Weekly. You can also make sure Mode is on Record before you start.

6. When everything is set, you can select Ok and wait for the Converter box to start record your schedule recording.

*Please Note: The Converter box must stay on for the converter box to record the programming.

If after following the steps above you are still not able to receive any channels and would like additional info please contact us and we will gladly help you.